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Hunger Games Yarn

It’s been weeks now since I received my Hunger Games inspired from McMullin Fiber Co., and I had every intention of sharing pictures of this glorious yarn. The colors are gorgeous and it is super squishy (fitting, since the name of the yarn base is Squishy). So, with no further ado, I bring you Hunger Games yarn.









President Snow

President Snow




Turning 40

I had a milestone birthday this week. Maybe it’s because I could pass for 25 (or younger) most days, but turning 40 wasn’t traumatic for me. What I find weird about turning 40 is that when I was 15 and my mom turned 40, I thought she was old. Ok, maybe not old. But older than I feel. And I truly don’t think I feel as old to my kids as my parents felt to me. Maybe it’s because I live such a different life than my parents lived – I’m a pretty free spirit and don’t feel the same societal constraints that my mom felt. It’s ok for me to act young and silly, and I don’t think it was ok for my mom and dad to act that way in Mississippi in the 70s and 80s. They were supposed to act, well, old. Or at least that’s how they acted around us kids. I wonder if they acted that way around each other. My other theory is that the internet keeps us more in touch with pop culture than our parents were.

I wish I could say I had a great birthday week. I certainly can’t complain. I was utterly spoiled by my friends and family and celebrated for over a week. Jimmy thinks maybe that was it – drawing it out over a week was maybe too much. I had a girls’ night out at Chuy’s last Friday, got Apple-spoiled over the weekend (a new phone and a Macbook Air), had my actual birthday on Wednesday, and had another party with some couple-friends last night. Actually, the party last night completely redeemed my week – it was so much fun! But overall, I just felt down in the dumps most of the week. And little stupid things kept happening (like having to go into work on my day off and getting there to find out I couldn’t do what I had come in to do after all).

Today has been nice and relaxing. I finally finished a sock I had been working on, and I’ve cast on the second sock. I finally found time to photograph the yummy yarn I got for my birthday, and I read 8 chapters of a new book. Not a bad kick-off to my first full week of 40. 🙂

Here’s the yarn I got. Eye candy!

My friend Katie gave me 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh and 1 skein of Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock. Thanks again, Katie!

Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Secret Recipe

tosh sock in malachite

Madeline Tosh tosh sock in Malachite

tosh vintage in hollyhock

Madeline Tosh tosh vintage in holly hock

And my family gave me 2 more skeins of Madeline Tosh and a skein of Dream in Color Starry.

dream in color starry in purple rain

Dream in Color Starry in Purple Rain

tosh dk in magnolia leaf

Madeline Tosh tosh dk in Magnolia Leaf

tosh sock in terrarium

Madeline Tosh tosh sock in Terrarium

I bought even more yarn today with a Knit Picks gift certificate from my friends Darcy & Geoff – Sugarbunny (a merino/angora blend) and Capretta (a merino, cashmere, nylon blend). *And* my friend Jennifer gifted me a pattern on Ravelry, the Library of Congress hat. Now just to decide which  yarn to use!

No pictures of baking this week, though lord knows I ate enough. I made Paula Deen’s Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake for my actual birthday. For my party last night I didn’t bake anything sweet, but I did bake cheese straws and sausage balls, two of my all-time favorite finger foods. No pictures, sorry!

On another baking note, I was gifted two bundt pans – one from my friend Saima and one from my friends Denise & Mike. Denise & Mike also shared a family recipe for a Harvey Wallbanger cake that I can’t wait to try! And my friend Lisa got me a gift card to Sur la Table, which I’m dying to use!

To end this post, I’ll share Jimmy’s and my artwork from last night’s party. We had my party at Painting with a Twist, and it couldn’t have been more fun. Our instructor, Xandra, was fabulous! We lucked out and got an instructor just as nerdy as we are, and I’d like to think Xandra had as much fun teaching us as we had painting. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a fun party spot!

This Week on the Needles – 1/13/12

First, let me apologize for the poor quality of my project pictures this week. I didn’t feel like pulling out the good camera, and the light isn’t great.

I mentioned last week that I was going to do a block a month for a blanket (it will probably actually be 2 blocks a month, if I want a blanket anyone other than a baby can actually use!). I finished my first square Wednesday morning, minus blocking and weaving in ends, which I’ll do this weekend. I’m pleased with how it came out. I’m using Plymouth Encore Worsted, which is a 75/25 acrylic/wool blend. The colors of this square are “forest green” and “fox.” I don’t know that all my squares will use the same colorways, but I’ll choose something that complements them.


I’ve made a bit of progress on my Tamarind Cowl. I wish I had used bigger needles, but I think it will still be big enough. I’m considering turning it into a hat if it’s too tight as a cowl.


My other current project is the Thin Ice shawl. This is going very well, EXCEPT I realized I forgot to switch to smaller needles to work the section I’m on, as called for in the pattern. I think instead of ripping it out, I’ll just call it a “design element.” Ah well. Sorry about the glaring white in this picture; I brightened a lot so you can see the details in the knitting better.


Finally, a little enabling.

My friend Katie, stinkin’ enabler herself, texted me to tell me that The Loopy Ewe had Wollmeise in stock, and I couldn’t resist buying a skein. The color is Taube.


I also finally got my order from Knitpicks that I purchased with my gift certificate Jimmy gave me for Christmas. I, unexcitingly, bought blocking mats and wires. Woohoo! But I also bought some Stroll Glimmer in the Dragonscale colorway. My intention was to make the Dragon Wing shawl from Knitty, but after getting the yarn, I’m not sure how great it will look. What do you think?


It’s a combo post!

This week got away from me, and I found myself with no time to post! Such is my life… So, while I try to keep my posts more thematic, tonight you get a hodge-podge.

First off, Debi asked to see all the yarn I bought recently. I’m happy to oblige! I went yarn shopping with my mom last Saturday and bought some Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl (1 skein to knit a gift and 1 skein to stash), Spud & Chloe Fine in Sidewalk (which was supposed to be for gift-knitting, but I wasn’t happy with the way that project was working up for this specific recipient), and a skein of Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy in blues/greens on impulse to make a scarf they had on display by the register. Sneaky yarnie people!

On Monday I took advantage of Knit Picks’ Cyber Monday sale and bought 2 skeins each of Felici in Aquarium and Rainbow, a skein of Chroma Fingering in Pool Party, and 2 skeins of Gloss DK in Parsley.

THEN on Wednesday I received 2 skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy in Green Lantern as payment for crocheting a scarf for a friend.

Here are pictures of all my goodies!




Today I made another trip to Sugar Land Yarn Company and bought two skeins of Mirasol Ushya in…hmmmm….I don’t know the color way, but it’s a very dark gray. I’m using this instead of the Spud & Chloe for my friend’s gift.

This week has been a weird crafting week. I started a scarf and the new needles I had bought for this project broke, so I had to wait until I freed up my size 7s before I could continue. Once I did continue, I decided I wasn’t happy with it, so I frogged it. That Spud & Chloe will be much happier as another project! I also started a hat for another gift, but could only knit so far before I had to stop until my Knit Picks order arrived, since I couldn’t find the right size circular needle while out shopping over the weekend. That order arrived yesterday, so I’m back to working on that project.

As I mentioned, I freed up a set of needles. That finished project was my Dancing Batty shawl. It’s lovely! You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a beautiful shade of blue.


I started another hat yesterday, but I can’t say too much about it, in case the recipient is reading. I’ll post a picture once it’s gifted.

Last, but not least, tonight I crocheted an ornament for an ornament exchange at the yarn group that meets at the library tomorrow. Nothing special, just a quick and easy ball using scrap yarn.

On the baking front, I baked the Barefoot Contessa’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake for a friend, which I served to some knitting friends Friday night. Today I made Cherry-Almond Triangles from the Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook. I’ve found the recipes out of here just so-so, so far, but despite my wariness, these actually turned out really good! Jimmy says they taste like marzipan. The bottom crust was just flour, butter, and powdered sugar, but it was so good! Very light and flaky. Here’s a picture, but it doesn’t do the bars justice.


Until next time! I’m off to try to finish reading Game of Thrones! Only 40 more pages, but I doubt I’ll make it tonight…