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WIP Inventory

I took a deep breath and did a WIP inventory this week. For those of you non-knitters/crocheters, WIP stands for “works in progress.”

1) Thin Ice – I started this for a knitalong on the Knitabulls podcast Ravelry group. This, however, is a huge shawl, and despite my best intentions, there was no way I was finishing it in 6 weeks. However, it is a lovely pattern, so I don’t plan on hibernating it anytime soon. It is just no longer a top priority. In fact, I don’t actually have anything on the needles right now that counts as high priority.

2) Clothilde –  I cast this on in January, did a little bit on it, and noticed a mistake. I’ll need to frog it (for you non-knitters, this means rip it out – get it? Rip it, rip it, rip it…) and start over. Since I’m not far into it, this is no big deal. What I do need to make myself do this time around is place stitch markers after each repeat of the lace pattern. I learned that this week with another project that should have been easy but had me pulling my hair out!

3) Dark Mark Illusion Scarf – I started this in the fall of 2010. The original plan was to give it to my daughter. Then decided to give it to my son. Now it’s been languishing for a very long time. I honestly don’t remember the last time I knit on it. It’s been hibernating in my cubicle at work, but I will pick it up on Tuesday to see how I feel about it.

4) Dr. Who socks – I guess if anything counts as high priority knitting, this is it. I’m making these for my husband using Knit Picks Felici in the Time Traveler colorway, which is a pastel version of one of the Tom Baker scarves. I’m sure some of you out there could tell me *which* scarf, but I couldn’t tell you. I’ve finished one sock and am just past the toe on the 2nd one. I’d like to have them finished by his birthday at the beginning of April.

5) Vitamin D sweater – I’ve only finished one sweater, and it was pretty much a failure. I’m hoping this one will work out better. It’s another one of those projects that keeps languishing, although after picking it up again this week, I really want to keep working on it. I love the yarn and how the fabric is working up. The biggest problem is it’s at the point now where it takes around 45 minutes to do just one row on the sweater. This is not conducive to working on at work. I’ve decided I just need to get over the idea that I have to be able to make it through an entire row and just do *something*. I’m concerned the sleeves will be too tight if I follow the pattern exactly for the size I’m making, but after looking at the pattern, I think I can do the sleeves as if I were doing the next size up without any problem, based on how the pattern is written. This will be the first time I’ve ever tried to modify a pattern like this, so wish me luck!

6) Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief – Another one that’s been languishing. When I got this out to work on this week, I realized how close I am to actually finishing this! I think the reason I haven’t been working on it is because I hate the needles I’m using. So, once it’s finished, I’m chucking these cheap Hobby Lobby needles into the trash!

7) Beach Bag – I started this as part of a knitalong last summer and lost interest. It’s not the most exciting pattern, but I want to finish it. I think I am going to heavily modify it and turn it into more of a messenger bag than a tote.

8) Cotton Ribbon Sash Dress – This one has been almost finished for ages. When I got it out yesterday, all it needed was buttons, button holes, and the ribbon sewn on. I got the buttons and button holes done, but alas, I can’t find the ribbon I had bought for it. I’ll need to make a trip to JoAnn’s to buy some more. This is an adorable little dress, and I plan to send it to a beautiful little girl in Michigan. 🙂

9) Drawstring Bag – I don’t even remember why I started this. I thought it would be a super-quick knit but I quickly lost interest. I think I thought the pattern was for a much smaller bag (4-6 inches maybe), but it’s actually going to be probably closer to 10 inches when finished. I made myself work on it last night, though, and got it almost done. Two rounds plus a round to create eyelets then bind off. Then I have to do the I-cord drawstring. I may be able to finish this today if I ever get around to it.


I did have one finished object this week. I finished the La-La-Love You Cowl, which is very pretty. This project, however, gave me fits! I started it on February 2 and got a few inches in and realized I had twisted it at the beginning, so I had to rip it out. I wasn’t going to restart but changed my mind. I kept messing up the lace pattern and ripped out more than I knit, I think. I finally got smart and put in stitch markers, at which point it flew off my needles. I managed to finish it on Feb 13 and was able to wear it on Valentine’s Day!

The whole thing

You can see the design and color better here - although it's really kind of a mix of the 2 pictures