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Food, people, it’s all about the food

In my last post, I talked a bit about some childhood memories. There are plenty more where that came from! But today, I want to talk about food. Southern food. I am not a skinny girl. I try to lose weight, but ultimately I know I will always have some curves because try as I might, I can’t resist the Southern food.

In the South, eating isn’t just for nourishment. It is absolutely a social thing. Go to any event and people congregate around the food. It’s not all buttery and bad for you…but a lot of it is.

Fried chicken.
Deviled eggs.
Chocolate chess pie.
Cheese straws.
Sausage balls.
Fried catfish.
Corn bread.
Biscuits. And gravy.

These are just a few of my favorites.

Paula Deen? She’s my hero. I even dressed up as her for Halloween a few years ago. Yeah. Really. I have yet to try one of her recipes that didn’t turn out fabulous. Well, that’s not true. I made a cake using her recipe before I had made many cakes, and it was dry. I bet it would be better now that I know what I’m doing.

This post was inspired by my check-out of Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible from the library yesterday. I am going to have to buy this one. And I guess I’ll just keep shelling out my monthly payment to Weight Watchers in hopes that some day I’ll come around. Not likely.