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Teaser Tuesday – 1/10/12

I’m still reading The Book of Fires┬áby Jane Borodale. The book is really good, but it makes me very anxious. I want to finish it, but every time I read it, I’m filled with a sense of dread… I’m 57% done now, so I’m in it for the long haul.

This quote is from the first page of Chapter 23 – since I’m reading a Kindle copy that doesn’t have true page numbers, that’s the best I can do, folks.

Mr. Blacklock has a copy of the London Evening Post from yesterday spread out on the bench, and is scanning the pages urgently for an account of the opening season’s fireworks at Marylebone Gardens. “How irksome!” he exclaims, finding it. Scornfully he reads aloud:

“Prodigious height! Salutes that deafened the ear for hours subsequent! Glorious climactic eruption, when scarcely an inch of sky was left unemblazoned with brilliance!”




Teaser Tuesday & a New Year’s Resolution

First, a resolution. I resolve to be a more consistent blogger in 2012. I hope that in and of itself doesn’t doom me to failure! I’m going to participate in some daily memes in order to keep myself going.

Today’s meme is Teaser Tuesday. Back when I was book blogging, I participated in this one quite a bit. It’s hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading – check out her blog for all the details. The basic point is to share a passage from something you’re reading.

It’s not particularly easy to turn to a random page on a Kindle, so I will choose a couple of sentences from my current page.

This teaser is from The Book of Fires by Jane Borodale. This particular book doesn’t seem to have real page numbering (which is annoying), but it’s somewhere in Chapter 2.

My mother will be eaten up with anxiousness, and then her baby will come and she will have enough to do without worrying after me. I do not know about my father.