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Because rum ain’t for kids

Today’s cake will be soaked in a rum syrup, and since I’m not interested in making my 13-year-old son drunk, he can’t have any (well, maybe he can have a taste). Now, what kind of mother would I be if I baked and didn’t share? A perfect excuse to bake twice in one weekend! Last night I baked chocolate chip cookie bars, because I am just that awesome. 🙂

I don’t know that I’ve ever made chocolate chip cookie bars before last night, if you can believe it. I wasn’t sure if I could just use the regular recipe for cookies and just spread them in a pan or if the recipe is modified for bar cookies, so I googled and found a recipe that looked good. I ended up using this recipeI found on They turned out great! The only modification I made is that I used a full bag of chocolate chips instead of the 1 cup called for in the recipe. The more chocolate, the better! Oh, and for the record, I always use Ghirardelli chocolate chips. They cost a little but more than Nestlè’s (only about $1 more), but they taste and melt so much better!

Taste test #1: Of course I had to have a bar when they first came out of the oven. It was still soft and gooey, and would have been fantastic with vanilla ice cream. I wasn’t completely sure it was completely cooked, so I knew I would have to have another one in the morning, just to make sure…

Taste test #2: Oh my gosh! This one (um, two…) was perfect. The top was crispy and the inside was soft. Chocolate was incorporated nicely throughout the whole bar. This recipe is a keeper!

My rum-drenched vanilla cakes are in the oven as I type, so expect another post later.