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Sunday Baking – 1/15/12

Two experiments this week: Chicago-style deep dish pizza and kahlua brownies. Both were good, only one will I likely repeat.

First, the pizza.


I found this recipe on the blog Sarah’s Place last week; it was one of WordPress’ Freshly Pressed blogs, and the picture of pizza caught my eye. I love deep dish pizza, and while I haven’t had the fortune to actually eat pizza in Chicago, I am always on the lookout for places that serve Chicago-style pizza. This is not very common in Houston, but Star Pizza is good. There’s a place in Katy, too, that makes Chicago-style pizza on the weekends. As soon as I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make it.

This was the first time I’ve used the dough hook on my Kitchen Aid. Wow! It made making the dough so easy – I see breadmaking in my near future.


For such an easy recipe, this pizza was fabulous! While I may not have had true Chicago pizza, my husband has, and he said it was spot on. I will definitely make this again!


The kahlua brownies turned out good, too, but they were too involved. First, you make a crust using flour, butter, brown sugar, and pecans. Then the brownie filling. Then a buttercream icing. Then a chocolate glaze. There’s also cooling time in there, since you can’t ice hot brownies with buttercream icing. And you can’t put the glaze on the icing until it’s cooled. Another issue was the recipe itself. The ingredients were divided by recipe section (crust, filling, buttercream, glaze), but the sections were out of order, and the ingredients within each section were out of order, too. That made it extremely difficult to follow. In fact, this was probably the most poorly-written recipe I’ve ever used. The finished product was delicious, though, although I would have liked more of a punch from the kahlua.