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Misadventures in Baking (& a success story, too)

Failed Peanut Butter Bars

My friend, Michael Ann, posted a recipe for peanut butter bars on her blog, The Big Green Bowl, yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make them. THAT DAY. So, I took inventory, then went to the store and bought the ingredients I was lacking.

Now, Michael Ann mentioned in her post that she used a smaller jelly roll pan than the recipe called for, and, with adding a few minutes to the baking time, they turned out just fine. My pan was smaller, too, so I thought I’d be fine. Well, I thought wrong! I baked for the prescribed time and checked them. Nowhere near done. So I added a few minutes more, and then just a few minutes more. That sounds like a lot. It was really only about 5 extra minutes. I took them out when the top looked browned. In retrospect, I probably should have tested them like I would a cake.

The next step in the recipe was to spread peanut butter on top while the bars are still hot. I thunked down about a cup of peanut butter…and watched it sink into the bars. Thunked down the other 1/2 cup. (Not sure why I thought this would be any different!) Gamely tried to spread it a little, which resulted in basically churning up the partially cooked dough and mixing it with peanut butter.

It was immediately clear that this was a failed effort. However, that partially cooked dough tasted GOOD (disclaimer: yes, it had eggs. I say they were fine after cooking for 20 minutes…) and I was loathe to toss it. So…I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips and tossed them on top, where they melted a bit, and we grabbed spoons and dug in. <insert evil laugh here>

The problem now is that we have this huge jelly roll full of half-baked peanut butter bars that can’t be shared with anyone. And I have a husband who won’t let me throw the delicious concoction out! What to do, what to do?

Success with Korean food

On a more successful note, I tried out a recipe from theĀ Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook last night for bibimbap. Now, this was a healthified recipe, so I’m not sure how much like the real thing it was, but what this was was basically stir-fried beef, carrots, spinach, and egg tossed in a bowl with rice. It was supposed to have bean sprouts, too, but HEB was crazy and I didn’t find the sprouts on my first pass through the produce and was unwilling to go for a second pass. It was quite delicious! Unfortunately, I did have to stray from the Weight Watchers recipe a bit, out of necessity, so it was probably a few more points than they gave it. I had every intention of using brown rice, but time got away from me and the 45+ minutes required to cook the brown rice was just too much, so I had to settle for white rice. I suspect my family was secretly grateful. I also used real eggs instead of egg substitute. I doubt that added much, as I only used 2 eggs between 4 bowls. I just don’t do egg substitute. I’ve heard that traditionally bibimbap is served in a hot bowl that sort of burns the rice a little, giving it a crispy texture that the WW version lacked. I really want to go to our local Korean supermarket and get the real deal now!

What food adventures did you have this weekend?