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Finding my mojo

You wouldn’t know it from most of my foodie posts, but I am actually on Weight Watchers. Well, put it this way, I pay for Weight Watchers. I lost 30 pounds last year, lost my mojo, and gained about 10 back.

It’s kind of embarrassing. I’ve been attending a 12-week weight management class at work, and I’ve actually gained weight…

I’ve decided it’s time to get back on track. I’m not giving up the baking; I just need to be better about getting it out of the house quickly. I will also track the points for whatever I bake.

Here’s what I did right today:

  • Ate only 1/2 of my waffles at breakfast
  • Dipped my waffles in syrup instead of pouring the syrup on – by doing this, I only ate about 1/3 of the little cup of syrup
  • Split a sandwich with Jimmy at lunch
  • Snacked on applesauce and a clementine
  • Bought a foam mat so I can exercise on our tile floor
  • Bought a few other exercise related items
  • Made a Weight Watchers recipe for dinner – sautéed chicken thighs with roasted green beans
  • Did the Just My Size yoga video that we used to do several years ago – cheesy video, but it feels awesome!
  • I have to chalk today up as a major success! One day at a time…