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Buried in books

I love to read, but I hate when I get overwhelmed. I have so many books started, some of them obligation reads. I want to focus on just one, but I need to finish many. Sigh.

What am I currently, actively reading? Or rather, what am I meant to be currently, actively reading…

The Monstrumologist
The Paris Wife
The Dovekeepers

This is my plan of attack at the moment. I’ve been reading The Paris Wife the longest and am almost done, so I will finish that one. Hopefully today.

The Monstrumologist is a library book and needs to be returned soon. I will finish that next.

I’m reading both Swamplandia! and The Dovekeepers for work, as considerations for nominations for the IMPAC International Dublin Literary Award. I own both of these, so there’s not the same hurry (other than that we need to narrow our list down). Swamplandia! is the shorter of the two, so I’ll read that one next, followed by The Dovekeepers.

This, of course, doesn’t address the books I am not actively reading right now: The Count of Monte Cristo (which I started almost a year ago), Einstein (which I started almost 6 months ago), A Clash of Kings(which I was actively reading until my husband surpassed me in the series – in his defense, it is his book!)…

I go through phases when I can read multiple books at a time. This is not one of them. Time to go monogamous for a while.