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Where has the time gone?

I haven’t posted in 4 months, and I truly have missed it. I’ve been fairly prolific on Instagram lately, which works for me, but I miss the words. I’ll try to be better.

As usual after a blogging hiatus, I’ll start off with some baking, knitting, and books talk.

I actually haven’t been baking as much as I was. I’ve been counting calories and using my Fitbit (which I love) and, believe it or not, I haven’t really *wanted* the baked goods as much. Last night, though, I did do a little baking. I made a lemon gooey butter cake, modifying Paula Deen’s recipe by adding some lemon zest and about 1/4 cup lemon juice. It turned out very good!




The last post I made was about my Vintage Cakes project. I’ve actually done several recipes now, but have only posted pictures on Facebook or possibly Instagram. Looking at the table of contents, I’ve made (in addition to the ones in the previous post): Texas Sheet Cake (which was a fail as far as the actual recipe went (baker error), but still tasted delicious), Lemon and Almond Streamliner Cake (this was amazing!), Malted Milk Chocolate Cupcakes (pretty good), and The Pink Cake (which was a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream – These cakes tend to be a little time intensive, which is part of the reason I haven’t been baking them regularly. I tend to wait for an occasion, of which there haven’t been many lately. I can’t remember which cake I was planning to make next just by looking at the table of contents, but it involves strawberries and ricotta cheese. Maybe that will be a “yay for the end of school cake” in a couple of weeks!

On to knitting. I’ve been knitting a ton lately, but finishing little. Wow, I just looked at my projects page on Ravelry and got a little persective. I’ve actually finished 10 projects in 2013 so far. I have several things on the needles but am actively working on 3 right now:

And reading. I’ve only finished a handful of books this year – well, according to Goodreads I’ve read 12, which isn’t too shabby, but it feels like I haven’t read much. The only “wow” book I’ve read this year has been The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker, which was *this* close to getting 5 stars. It lacked some little spark that would have put it over the 4-star edge, but it was a damn good book. I highly recommend this one, especially if you are a fan of A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

In other news , or just rambling-ness, life is crazy. Work is crazy, and I will be very glad when July 1 has come and gone. My daughter was going and is now not going to Japan, all in the course of less than a week. Disappointing (and expensive, since we had to get an expedited passport) to say the least. We’re planning a trip to Big Bend in early July, and I absolutely can’t wait. I just wish we could stay longer. My husband is in Atlanta for the weekend with his school’s Academic Challenge (aka Quiz Bowl) team for Nationals, and we’re planning to go to the Mississippi coast in a couple of weekends. And that’s about it. I miss writing and hope to be back soon.


First Day of School

Back to school went off without a hitch this morning, surprisingly. My first two were out the door on time, even smiling.

Back to Bellaire 2012-13 school year












Then, miracle of miracles, Eli got out of bed on his own at 6:30. This was astounding!

He was surprisingly accommodating when I told him I needed to take his picture. He understands this is just a “Mom thing.” He tried to not smile, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Back to Dulles, 2012-13 school year

This Is Why I’m Fat

Besides the obvious addiction to baking, that is…

One of the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to food as a family is having to meet everyone’s dietary needs. Culturally, it is expected that as a family, we will sit down to meals together. As a family, this is our norm, too. What do you do when one person (or two or three) is hungry but another person (or two or three) is not? Traditionally, we as a family just eat. And this is a big contributor to my weight problems. I eat because it’s time to eat, not because I’m hungry.

Let’s throw another ingredient into the proverbial stew. What if you have a teenage boy who is underweight, who, unlike typical almost-14-year-olds, will just not eat unless prodded (rather than eat us out of house and home)? Who has been told not to skip meals? How does a parent deal with this situation when she herself isn’t hungry and the kid also says he’s not hungry. How do you keep from creating eating disorders and future weight issues by forcing that child to eat?

I want better eating habits. But I don’t know how to create these habits. I feel like I’m constantly swimming upstream.

Weekend in Review

Trying to get back into a regular blogging schedule, so I’m going to start by trying to do a weekend summary post each week.

Despite being fairly grumpy on Saturday, I had a pretty darn good weekend.

Saturday morning was fairly lazy, but in the afternoon I went to a baby shower for a longtime family friend, who happens to have been one of Laura’s first babysitters, 15 years ago. In knitting news, I made this Leaf Blanket, which turned out so freakin’ adorable. I have pictures, but they’re on the real camera. I will post them soon. It was a quick project, and I would definitely make it again.

Saturday night we drove out to Brazos Bend State Park for some moon-gazing with our friends, Cathy and David. We sat in the parking lot watching the moon while playing Botticelli (a game similar to 20 questions, but more convoluted). It was a very pleasant evening, except for the mosquitoes. Poor Laura’s feet are absolutely covered in mosquito bites.

Yesterday was one of the more productive days I’ve had in a while. After lunch at Chuy’s (YUM!), we came home and I steam cleaned our guest room carpet, which desperately needed it after being used as a giant litter box by our kitty. 😦 While I did that, the kids sorted Mount Laundry – actually, I think it was more the Laundry RANGE of mountains. Groceries, a run, a home-cooked meal, and putting away a good portion of the laundry followed.

Maybe not the most exciting of weekends, but it was nice to spend it with the people I love most!

Wordless Wednesday