Cat toys

I made my daughter’s kitten, Oliver, a couple of cat toys this week. He loves them! However, he keeps batting them under the couch or into the closet. He is so smart, though, that when I enter the room, even if it’s been hours since the toys disappeared, Oliver will greet me with urgent “meows” and lead me to the spot where he lost the toy. Without fail, if I move the couch or open the closet door, there is a toy. I have officially become “She-who-makes-and-retrieves-toys.”

Want to make a simple toy for your cat? (and this really couldn’t be simpler) Grab some leftover yarn & the appropriately-sized needles (you want the fabric to be pretty dense). Knit a square, leaving a long tail for seaming. I like to use one of these patterns for Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth, since you start with a corner & can start decreasing when the triangle is the size you want for your toy (I like using kfb for my increases & k2tog & ssk for my decreases so there are no holes along the edges) . Once you’ve completed your square, fold it in half, corner to corner, to make a triangle. Sew up one side using a whip stitch. Stuff with polyester filling (& catnip if you really want to make your cat happy), & sew up the 2nd side of the triangle. Voila! Almost-instant cat toy.


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