Making an effort

I’ve started an stopped the Couch to 5 K running program a few times now. The last time I seriously did it was about a year ago, and I made it to maybe week 7 or 8 before quitting. I was so close I could taste it. But school and work schedules just got too hard to manage, and something had to give. There just wasn’t enough time at the end of the day. Jimmy and I were doing it together, and since he has to be out the door by 6:30, us doing it together in the morning wasn’t an option.

I had several people tell me I was an inspiration while I was doing this. I’m not thin, and I’ve never been active. But I was doing it. It felt like a personal failure when I started gaining weight back and lost the muscle tone I had gained.

Then the tables turned. My friend started running and blogging about it. And she was getting her butt up out of bed, grabbing her dog, and going by herself. And she looks great. And feels great. And it shows.

D is now *my* inspiration. If she, who is the mom of a 5-year-old and works her butt off every day, can do it, so can I. So on Sunday I mentioned to Jimmy that I was thinking of getting up and running in the mornings, and his response was, “You should do it.” This was not the response I was expecting, as it’s still dark at 5 AM and he can be adorably protective. And now I had no excuse.

So, Monday morning I got my own butt out of bed, grabbed my dog, and went by myself. And it was good. Oh, so good! Our neighborhood is so peaceful that early. I only saw a couple of cars in the 30 minutes I was out. And I did it again on Wednesday. And again today.

I’m using the Runkeeper app and have the first week of C25k programmed in, so I followed that (5 min warm-up, 8 repeats of 1 min running/1.5 min walking, cool down) which takes 30 minutes. I covered 1.5 miles on Monday and 1.81 miles today! Today my phone crapped out on me (I confused it by opening a couple of different running apps, trying to find the one that announces the midpoint), so the last couple of intervals I had to guesstimate, so I’m not 100% sure if I did that in 30 minutes or just over, but who cares? I went further.

I don’t know how much I will follow the official C25k program. When I get past a certain time, I have trouble focusing mentally. Physically by that time I can run the distances, but I have to fight the ADD part of my brain. So I may find that magic number and run intervals the whole time. We’ll see. But I am doing this. And I *will* run a 5k before Christmas.


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