This Is Why I’m Fat

Besides the obvious addiction to baking, that is…

One of the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to food as a family is having to meet everyone’s dietary needs. Culturally, it is expected that as a family, we will sit down to meals together. As a family, this is our norm, too. What do you do when one person (or two or three) is hungry but another person (or two or three) is not? Traditionally, we as a family just eat. And this is a big contributor to my weight problems. I eat because it’s time to eat, not because I’m hungry.

Let’s throw another ingredient into the proverbial stew. What if you have a teenage boy who is underweight, who, unlike typical almost-14-year-olds, will just not eat unless prodded (rather than eat us out of house and home)? Who has been told not to skip meals? How does a parent deal with this situation when she herself isn’t hungry and the kid also says he’s not hungry. How do you keep from creating eating disorders and future weight issues by forcing that child to eat?

I want better eating habits. But I don’t know how to create these habits. I feel like I’m constantly swimming upstream.


5 responses to this post.

  1. food is so complicated. i can’t even begin to figure it all out. i finally lost some weight and i have no idea why. it was over some complicated behavioral thing. we’re moving again soon, and I have no idea what will happen.


  2. Change that to a teenage girl, and I practically could have written that post myself. It really is so damn hard, isn’t it?


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