Weekend in Review

Trying to get back into a regular blogging schedule, so I’m going to start by trying to do a weekend summary post each week.

Despite being fairly grumpy on Saturday, I had a pretty darn good weekend.

Saturday morning was fairly lazy, but in the afternoon I went to a baby shower for a longtime family friend, who happens to have been one of Laura’s first babysitters, 15 years ago. In knitting news, I made this Leaf Blanket, which turned out so freakin’ adorable. I have pictures, but they’re on the real camera. I will post them soon. It was a quick project, and I would definitely make it again.

Saturday night we drove out to Brazos Bend State Park for some moon-gazing with our friends, Cathy and David. We sat in the parking lot watching the moon while playing Botticelli (a game similar to 20 questions, but more convoluted). It was a very pleasant evening, except for the mosquitoes. Poor Laura’s feet are absolutely covered in mosquito bites.

Yesterday was one of the more productive days I’ve had in a while. After lunch at Chuy’s (YUM!), we came home and I steam cleaned our guest room carpet, which desperately needed it after being used as a giant litter box by our kitty. 😦 While I did that, the kids sorted Mount Laundry – actually, I think it was more the Laundry RANGE of mountains. Groceries, a run, a home-cooked meal, and putting away a good portion of the laundry followed.

Maybe not the most exciting of weekends, but it was nice to spend it with the people I love most!


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  1. Sorry about the grumps on Saturday, but I’m glad it didn’t ruin your weekend! Sounds like a pleasant mix of fun, relaxation, and productivity.

    Oh, and Somer, that leaf blanket may be the cutest damn thing ever!!!


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