Some thoughts on baking

The section I’m currently on in All Cakes Considered is spice cakes. I have discovered that, really, spice cakes aren’t my thing. A slice or two are fine, but I much preferred the earlier cakes in the book. Luckily there are only a couple of cakes left in this chapter. And one of those involves chocolate and bananas, and I can totally get behind that! (Plus, my friend Michelle brought that particular cake to a work party and I already know how delicious it is!)

The most recent cake, baked on Sunday, was the Holiday Honey Cake. Another thing I’ve discovered is that I don’t really care for cakes that are predominantly sweetened with honey. There’s an aftertaste that is not appealing to me.

Still, here’s the cake:

Holiday Honey Cake

What else? I don’t like baking cakes where I have to incorporate meringue. Meringue and Houston are tricky bedfellows. Houston is quite humid (that may be an understatement), so getting fluffy egg whites is not always easy. I haven’t been 100% happy with any of the cakes I’ve made using this method, and I think the meringue has a lot to do with it. The cakes have all seemed a little dense and flat.

And, of course, everything’s better with butter – this cake reminded me a bit of banana bread (even though it had no bananas), so I toasted it this morning. Not bad!

Toasted holiday honey cake


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