Sunday Baking

The title of this post is a bit misleading, as I am not baking this Sunday (I did that on Friday this week).I was remiss in posting about baking over the holidays. Today I’m going to share pics of my various baked goods that I’ve neglected to post over the past several weeks.

On Christmas Eve I baked snickerdoodles for Santa. I had actually planned to bake these on the 23rd, I think, but I ran out of time. Or oomph. I almost didn’t bake them on Christmas Eve, either, but I decided at the last moment to do it, even though I was tired and still hadn’t finished crocheting Eli’s monster. The plan was almost ruined when the sink stopped up and we ended up with a massive link under the sink. Fortunately, Jimmy found his hidden handyman skills and was able to fix the sink and we were able to clean up the mess and get on with the baking. The snickerdoodles turned out amazing, too!


On Christmas morning, I always make a breakfast casserole. If I didn’t make this, my daughter might actually disown me. This is easy and delicious!



On the 26th, we enjoyed the company of our dear friends, Cathy and David. Of course I had to bake a cake. I got to use my rose-shaped bundt pan for the first time! This cake was Paula Deen’s Sour Cream Almond Pound Cake, continuing my quest to bake everything in the All Cakes Considered cookbook (the next two cakes are from that book, too).


For New Year’s Eve, which we also spent with Cathy and David, I baked the coffee spice cake. This one was a little dry, but it tasted good. Not one of my favorites, though. Hmmmm….maybe with a mocha glaze…


Finally, on Friday I wanted to bake and didn’t want to wait until Sunday. I made the Spanish Meringue Cake. This was the most unique cake I’ve made, with meringue baked on top. It was also one of my favorites so far. In fact, I may have to go have another piece now.




3 responses to this post.

  1. Think I gained two pounds just looking at these photos. It was worth it! 😉


  2. That’s about right…trying to get those pounds back off now!


  3. […] in January, I briefly mentioned the snickerdoodles I made on Christmas Eve. I made them again yesterday, and they again turned out […]


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