This Week on (and off!) the Needles

I finished another project this week. Hooray! Roxie’s sweater is finished and ends are woven in. The pictures I have won’t do this project justice, but hopefully I can get my dad to send me one of Roxie wearing it once it’s been gifted. In the meantime, here’s a picture of one of Laura’s stuffed animals modeling:


Now I’m trying to decide what to work on next. I have a pair of socks to work on, but since these won’t be gifts, I would rather work on something that will be a gift. I have two more people I’d like to knit for (well, I’d love to knit for many people, but I must be practical), but I need to decide on the projects. I think I’ve decided on a scarf for one recipient and maybe a hat for the second – I just need to decide which scarf and which hat…

My mom is visiting, and we’re going yarn shopping tomorrow. Must restrain myself!


2 responses to this post.

  1. That is too stinkin’ cute!!!

    And hey, I want to see a pic of all the yarn you picked up!


  2. I haven’t gotten my Knitpicks order yet, but once I get that, I’ll take pics of all my new acquisitions! Debi, are you on Ravelry?


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