This Week on the Needles

Feeling very productive this week! I finished two projects, made quite a bit of progress on another, and made some progress on another.


Emma’s Star beret




Strawberry Fingerless Mittens


I’m about 75% finished with Roxie’s sweater, and I’m 6 rows plus bind-off away from finishing Dancing Batty.

I got a lot of added knitting time this week due to unfortunate circumstances – I dropped a glass baking dish on my toe (didn’t break either the dish or my toe, luckily) and spent a lot of time on the couch recuperating. I would share pictures of my colorful toe, but that’s kinda gross…

My mom is coming to visit on Tuesday, and I can’t wait to take her to Sugar Land Yarn Company, as well as just sharing time with our yarn and needles!

And now I’m off to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol with my family while working on Dancing Batty!


2 responses to this post.

  1. WOWZA! That beret is so freakin’ gorgeous!!! I don’t think I’ll *ever* be able to knit well enough to make anything that cool. Those strawberry fingerless mittens are totally adorable–and I actually could make those…but for who, I’ve no clue. 😛

    And I love it–we’re planning on watching A Muppet Christmas Carol this very night (which I realize is not the night you wrote this, but still…)


  2. The beret pattern is actually really easy. No tricky stitches – only k2tog and yarn overs. The mitts are from Twinkie Chan’s crochet book – can’t remember the title right now, but I think I mentioned it in the previous knitting post. There’s a ton of cute stuff in there that Laura just loves. Maybe Annie would like it, too?


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