This Week on the Needles

I’m going to try to establish a blog schedule for myself. I’ve already unofficially established Sunday as my day to post about baking, so I’ll arbitrarily choose Friday to talk about my crafting adventures. For the most part, this is limited to knitting and crocheting, but I occasionally find myself doing other things, too, like cross stitch and beading. I also bought myself a sewing machine last year, but other than teaching myself how to operate it, I really haven’t used it. I’d like to, but I’m a little intimidated and not sure what project to start with.

I’m working on some gifts right now, but not everything I’m working on is a gift. I’ll tell what I’m working on, without listing names, in most cases, in case any of the recipients happens to be reading.

My favorite current project is Emma’s Star, a cute little beret out of Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I’m using Shibui Baby Alpaca DK for this, and it is one of the softest yarns I’ve ever knit with. I am in love with this yarn! I’m pretty sure this hat is going to turn out lovely. I’m about 65% done with it and hope to have it finished this weekend.

I’m also actively working on The Manwell, which is a dog sweater. I swore I would never knit for my dog, and I’m not! I’m knitting this for my stepmother’s dog, Roxie, an adorable, spoiled rotten, little shih tsu. My stepmother and I haven’t always had the best relationship, but it seems to have improved over the past couple of years. I have never seen Sharon as happy, no, gleeful as she was when playing with Roxie, and it warmed my heart. I know Sharon will appreciate the gesture, and Roxie will at least look beautiful. 🙂 I’m maybe 60-65% done with this and just finished what I think is probably the trickiest part. It will definitely be finished in time for Christmas.

My daughter, Laura, requested that I make something for one of her best friends for her birthday. No, let me rephrase. I asked if she wanted me to make anything for her friends for Christmas (I know they all like her cupcake hat and newsboy cap), and she asked if I would make Tarah something for her birthday. She chose the Strawberry Fingerless Mittens from Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies. These are very quick to make! I finished one, minus embellishments, in an evening. Tarah’s birthday is in a little over a week, so this is good!

Other things on the needles that I need to devote some time to: Dr. Who socks for my husband, Jimmy, made with Knit Picks Felici in the Time Traveler colorway, which follows the pattern of the Dr Who scarf; Dancing Batty shawl, which I had hoped to finish by Halloween, but didn’t quite make it; The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, which should not have ever taken this long!;, and the Semi-Precious Shawl, which I was diligently working on until I got sidetracked by Dancing Batty (thanks Mom!).

I have a few other UFOs (unfinished objects, for you non-yarnies) that get picked up occasionally.

I do have one finished project to show! A friend commissioned me to make her a scarf using yarn she had purchased, and I finally finished it this week. I’m a little embarrassed, because I kept forgetting about it, but once I decided to do it, it took me all of 3 hours (4 max) to finish it! It turned out just lovely, too! Here’s a pic, but I hope Cori will send me one of her wearing it!


That’s “all” this week. Hopefully next Friday I’ll have some pictures to show of some finished projects!


2 responses to this post.

  1. That scarf is gorgeous!!! What a sweet friend you are. 🙂 And you sound just like me–so many works in progress. Of course, I’d be willing to bet that you actually finish a good many more than I do. Hope you’ll show more pictures as you get stuff finished!


  2. Sweet, yes, but I did make a deal in my favor! In lieu of payment, I asked for “payment” in yarn. I sent my yarn wish list and am dying to see what Cori chose for me! I’ve finished two projects this week that I’ll post about tomorrow!


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