Let the holiday baking begin

Yes, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but there are so many things I want to bake out of the Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook, that I just had to start today!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I can be a little bit, um, obsessive. One of the most romantic gifts I’ve received from my husband is this neat little randomizer on a pretty webpage that he made for me: To Be Read. It started out as a tool to help me choose the next book to read, but I seriously use this ALL THE TIME when I have a list of things to decide from. I have multiple book lists, lists of knitting/crochet projects, and, now, recipes that I use with this tool. It is a lifesaver for me, who has a very hard time dealing with too much information and decision-making based on such information.

So, I made a list of all the recipes I want to bake out of this cookbook, and plugged it into the randomizer. Wouldn’t you know, the first recipe to be pulled out of the hat, so to speak, was one of the ones I was least excited to make. But, I’m determined to follow the whims of the code, and so today I made Merry Cherry Fudgies.


Don’t they look pretty?

And right now I will try the first one.

Hmmm…kind of brownie-like. Not overly cherry-flavored (which is a good thing, IMHO). Not knock-your-socks off good, but good enough to share. Which I will tomorrow! The recipe only makes 2 dozen, though, so you better get ’em fast! (I’ll be at work at 11…just sayin’)


So, the work test. I brought about 15 or 16 of these to work today in a ziploc and took them to the knitting group that was meeting today. At 5:00 this evening I went to my desk and my coworker had put the remaining treats on my desk. The bag was not even close to empty. As she put it, “They weren’t bad, but you’ve made things that were so much better!” That about sums it up.



3 responses to this post.

  1. I remember when your sweet hubby made you the randomizer! 😀

    Too bad these weren’t as good as they look–’cause I tell you, just looking at them had me salivating!


    • I know! The consensus was that they were a little dry. There are too components – a cookie-like cup & then a filling. The cookie part was a bit chalky. I suppose they have potential, but there are too many other recipes I want to try instead of fiddling with this one!


  2. […] ginger), but I stuck with the basic recipe. These cookies turned out much better than the Merry Cherry Fudgies from last week. The first batch was a little burned on the bottom, but that’s ok. They tasted […]


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