Just peachy

I didn’t mean to take a 2 week hiatus from blogging, but none of my baking for the last 2 weeks has been all that inspiring.

There was the wacky cake 2 weeks ago that I had planned to write about, but I wast pleased with the outcome.

Last week was my daughter’s 15th birthday, and she requested a strawberry cake. I found a great recipe on All Recipes, but I was too busy to create a post. Here’s a picture, though.


Today, however, I made another great cake! This one was Cocoa Bread with Stewed Peaches. Imagine warm chocolate gingerbread with peaches on top. Soooooo yummy! This one is definitely one I will do again. Even better, it was crazy easy to make!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Okay, this new-to-me blog of yours is rather dangerous! Yep, again I’m salivating. Truly, as in having to swallow extra spit, salivating. And I just freakin’ ate supper! That both looks and sounds amazing…guess I should be thankful the screen isn’t scratch-n-sniff or I’d be done for!


  2. It was truly delicious! And now I’m salivating, too…


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