Omelets, gingerbread and Middle Eastern food – oh my?

First of all, I must say, it’s very difficult trying to write a blog post on an iPad when a kitty is camped out on my lap.

Today was full of cooking, and it was all delicious!

I started out the day by making omelets for my family using fresh eggs from the farmers market. I’m pretty sure these were the first omelets I’ve ever made. The first one was beautiful & perfect. The others were still good, but I’ll need to work out some kinks when cooking multiple omelets in the future. The skillet was too hot for the 2nd one, so it was a little browner. For the 3rd one, I cooled the pan off by running the bottom under water. That helped, but I had a harder time folding that one for some reason. For the last one, I tried turning the heat down, which sort of worked, but I had a harder time getting the middle cooked as well as I like. I also need to adjust the butter, either not adding any after cooking the first omelet, adding only a very small amount each time, or somehow removing the excess butter each time. The last omelet was just a bit too buttery. For all of them, I just put a bit of mozzarella in them. Even with the quirks, they were great for a first attempt!

As today is Sunday, it is also cake day. Today’s “cake” was gingerbread, and it was perfect – fluffy and dark and just…yum!


Finally, for dinner I tried a couple of recipes from my newest cookbook, The Arabian Night Cookbook…. I made Tandoori Chicken, Omani Style and Aromatic Rice with Almonds.


For those of you familiar with Dimassi’s, the chicken tasted just like my favorite chicken dish on the buffet. Just like it. The rice was great, too (I did leave out the raisins called for in the recipe, because I wasn’t interested in a sweet component), although there were a few too many almonds. I think I will try it again with sliced or slivered almonds. My son, who isn’t picky but eats like a bird, cleaned his plate and took more. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this meal turned out!

And just to prove I do eat some veggies, here’s the roasted cauliflower we had alongside the chicken and rice. It may have been a tad too done…



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